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Welcome to the official site for Namtaräum Productions. The menu at the top left of the site has selections that will navigate you to Namtaräum's music projects. Entries in the discography below marked label release were released by, but not performed by Namtaräum.

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Nathaniel was born in the mid seventies in the Midwestern United States. As a child, he lived in the US and Europe. In 2005, he moved to Wyoming. Music is religion.

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Namtaräum Productions Discography
NOTE: all music by Namtaräum, except releases marked Label Release, which are bands on the label. All releases are available DIY - you may record them to tape or burn to CD, covers are provided, linked under each release. They are properly sized, all you need to do is print from your browser and cut them out. All money you choose to pay for the label releases I send on to the band.

(2 releases retrieved)
Natanas - Personal Extinction (demo) cover
Personal Extinction (demo)

Released 12/15/2013
Genre: Black Doom Metal
Catalog #: NP2
Cassette J-Card
CD-R Cover
Natanas - Reaper of Plague (demo) cover
Reaper of Plague (demo)

Released 10/31/2013
Genre: Black Doom Metal
Catalog #: NP1
Cassette J-Card
CD-R Cover

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